110 Bbl truck-mounted bobtail tank


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Mixing Fixed Axle Frac Tank

MX.pdf [1044 KB]
Side Stair
EZ Step Fixed Axle Frac Tank

FT.pdf [1218 KB]
Gas Buster
Gas Buster


Truck Mount
BT Series - Bobtail Mounted Vacuum Tanks

BT Series.pdf [951 KB]
4 Axle
VTR 4 Axle Vacuum Trailers

VTR Series Quad.pdf [952 KB]
2 Axle
VTR 2 Axle Vacuum Trailers

VTR Series Tandem.pdf [779 KB]
3 Axle
VTR 3 Axle Vacuum Trailers

VTR Series Tri.pdf [935 KB]
Insulated Fixed Axle Frac Tank

FTi.pdf [944 KB]
Front Stair
Gas and Oil Style Frac Tank

GT.pdf [1349 KB]
Smooth Wall

WT.pdf [472 KB]
Round Bottom
EZ Step Round Bottom Fixed Axle Frac Tank

FRT.pdf [970 KB]
Double Wall
Double Wall Frac Tank

DW.pdf [687 KB]
Custom Frac Tanks
Custom Fabrications

Vacuum Boxes
Vacuum Boxes

VT.pdf [764 KB]
Mini Tank Roll-off
Roll-Off Mini Frac

MT.pdf [669 KB]
Custom Specialty
Custom Fabrications

Custom Vacuum
Custom Fabrications


IM.pdf [1318 KB]
Refuse Tanks
Refuse Tanks

Refuse Tanks.pdf [569 KB]

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